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Will AI replace human artists or write the next best-selling novel?

We think about AI and robots taking over tasks in our daily lives and the world at large, things like cooking our food and running our banks.  We can envision them replacing humans in the industrial sector, splashing into the service and financial sectors.  But will they take creativity-driven jobs too? Google launched the Magenta…

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Qlone App: Bring AR to Life or Take Life to VR

Everyone can now turn their favorite real life trinkets into 3D models with the Qlone app for iPhone, ipad, or Android.  It’s surprisingly easy to use, no engineering or graphics design degree needed.  And it requires almost no setup.  Users just download the app, print out the mat, place the item, and scan it with their…

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NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars

After decades of debate and speculation, NASA confirmed today that liquid water is flowing on Mars.  This is not water in the distant past or frozen water; this is flowing liquid water in present-day. When the temperature rises above 10 degrees Fahrenheit during Mars’ warm season, salt along craters like Hale, Horowitz, and Garni lowers the melting point…

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Will Driverless Cars Take a Backseat to the Hyperloop?

Driverless cars are on the horizon.  Your morning commute transforms into a relaxing period where you can surf the net, read a book, watch a movie, or start a new hobby.  But maybe you’re not in a driverless car for the commute at all.  You could be in a pressurized Hyperloop pod, zipping along an…

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Bionic Lenses Enhance Eyesight 3x

Every morning the majority of us (75%) fumble around our nightstand for a pair of glasses or stumble blindly to the bathroom to put in our contact lenses.  Even if you don’t wear corrective lenses now, you will almost certainly need them as you get older.  And while contact lens wearers make up a much smaller percentage…

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